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Case Study

Mr Voss


  • Brand Identity
  • Naming
  • Illustration
  • Collateral Design
  • Website Design and Build
  • Event Support

Project Overview

Mr Voss is an opulent candle line within the Simone Voss Luxury Fragrance series, tailored to a unisex market. With the requisite to create an unparalleled identity for this startup, consultation, branding and development shaped an entirely experiential product.


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In today’s day, launching a new candle line into an already oversaturated market heightens the pressure on female buyers. Which begs the question:

How can we surprise the market with an entirely new approach?

Inspired by the elaborate processes of vintage European candle makers, startup branding had to reflect the client’s expertise and training abroad. Eager to draw attention during the pre-launch stage, identity design and assets had to impress both the general public and a broad range of retailers.

Inspired by the vintage gentlemen of the late 19th century, Mr Voss’s illustrations are entirely otherworldly. Experimenting with context and scale, artistic collage invites the consumer into a surreal universe. Antiquated chivalry and aromatic Easter eggs convey masculine design without pandering to men as mandles, or alienating female buyers in the process.

Imbued with personalities unique to scent characteristics – that is, smoky, fruity, earthy – scent names and narratives convey the individual and complex dynamism of people, enabling customers to identify themselves as the mythical figures of the products. Crafted to complement one another in a cohesive series, imaginative narratives translate the sublime possibilities of fine fragrance into an experiential form.

Limited-edition Christmas packaging continues the old-fashioned theme, adapting a predominant pine scent into the story of a man who might be the abominable snowman, a lumberjack, or the snow itself. Illustrative elements display great flexibility, proving their adaptability across a range of fragrances and special events.

Website design extends the surreal nature of the product, bringing illustrations to life through animation. Designed and developed within a quick timeframe to go live before the Life Instyle retail trade show, the responsive, Ecommerce site upholds a luxurious brand experience.

Generating a number of active leads and multiple pre-orders during the pre-launch stage, brand development and rollout were successful in driving retail intrigue. Products have been featured in a number of Australian publications, receiving high interest from press and stockists.

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