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Meet our team

Kerry sailed across the Atlantic on a 54ft catamaran at the age of eighteen. Her epic ocean crossing lasted three months.

Kerry Neethling
Principal and Founder: Being Agency

Siebert plays five musical instruments. He used to busk for a living in London.

Siebert Neethling
CEO: The Being Group

Emily begged her mother to enrol her in ballet at the age of two. She still takes five dance classes a week.

Emily Newberry
Copy Lead

Karven speaks six languages. English, Malay, Indonesian, Chinese, Cantonese, and Spanish.

Karven Kwan
Head of Web

Josh’s nunna used to call him the Spanish Flea. He still finds it hard to sit still.

Josh Favaloro
Visual Media Manager

Yasmin loves painting portraits and designing tattoos. Over the course of her life she’s owned eleven cats.

Yasmin Jones
Design Lead

Alex loves cats, The Simpsons and potatoes. She just thinks they’re neat.

Alexandria Brock
Relationship Manager

James was the Australian National Cross Country Champion in high school. Three times.

James Neethling

Sham loves music, art, dancing, cooking and gardening. In no particular order – but ideally daily.

Shamiren Carroll
Account Manager

Miguel has a weird obsession with the Diomede Islands. During winter you can actually walk from Russia to Alaska on the ice.

Miguel Iglesias

Adam loves the Rocky movies so much, he’s travelled to Philly to run the iconic steps. Catch him working out, and he’ll be listening to the soundtrack.

Adam Tengku
Senior Web Developer

Leisha has seen Green Day 28 times, in nine different countries. (She’s a big fan.)

Leisha Kapor
Senior Copywriter

Ben has enjoyed playing video games since the age of six. He currently owns over 200 games.

Ben Pittorino

Nicole loves animals, the colour pink and maths. (Not necessarily in that order.)

Nicole Bordado
Consultant and EA to the CEO

Mark’s a former pro chef. In his prime he could tell when food was cooked purely from the sound it made in the pan.

Mark Longworth
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