Madeline Music

Project Overview

Madeline Music builds confidence in children through the art of performance. Coaching them through the highs and lows of singing, putting on concerts and shows, and hosting fun singing parties, Madeline Music is more than a singing school.


With a growing service offering and client base, Madeline Music founder Madeline Acosta expressed her problems trying to verbalise her services to people. She needed a place that communicated everything to do with her business.

So, we built her a website.

Web developer website design for Msdeline Music. Child signing in header image, pastel yellow, pink and blue footer boarder.

The website incorporates the brand’s wonderfully whimsical identity created by Being Agency. Wings, quavers and magical graphics are woven throughout the design of the website, with footer typography illustrating the lilting and varied rhythms of music. Pastel-coloured navigation buttons change colour when you hover your mouse, adding a touch of curiosity and charm.

Web developer mockup image of Madeline Music website popping up out of a smart phone device. Pastel yellow background, white smart phone, pastel pink, yellow and blue website mockup.

Online booking and enquiry functionality allows potential clients ease of use to organise lessons, parties, and entertainment for events. Clean, accessible and easy to navigate, website design ensures finding and booking a singing lesson is simple.

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