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The Tea Centre

Project Overview

Home to fine quality teas, The Tea Centre believes in ethical sourcing and premium blends. In anticipation of the retail chain’s major rebrand, we took hold of their comprehensive brand growth strategy.

Prior to BEING, The Tea Centre’s imagery was captured and shared to one account by different users. Opposing in resolution and subject, images neither reflected the established brand nor linked to one another. They weren’t helping the business grow.

Can you improve your company’s growth strategy through considered photography?

Building up to The Tea Centre’s premium rebrand, photography had to be bright, clean and immediately identifiable across all collateral. Though capturing a wide selection of teas and unique flavour profiles, visual cohesiveness was key to uniting a disparate brand.

Seasonal campaigns were shot and styled to reflect the changing weather, promoting teas appropriate to each climate. (Warming chai teas for winter, slimming herbal teas for spring, refreshing fruit teas for summer.) Preparing mood boards for executive sign-off prior to the shoot date, BEING coordinated the sourcing of all teas and props in line with a two-month social media plan.

Capturing lifestyle imagery for social media content and in-store campaigns and product photography for purchase on the website and app, all images were converted into a comprehensive asset library for The Tea Centre to draw on at any time.

Thank you for being so flexible and responsive in your service. No matter what you do, it always looks great.

Chad Braithwaite
Former CEO, The Tea Centre

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