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St Ives Shopping Village values community, connectivity and customer experience.

Featuring a mix of major stores and independent retailers, the centre is proud to offer shoppers everything they need.


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Seeking to establish and strengthen a meaningful connection with the local market, St Ives Shopping Village requested a retail marketing solution to encompass in-centre campaigns, branding, social media and more.

How do you eclipse competitors to become the retail centre of choice?


Commencing the project with a marketing strategy workshop, the three-part framework outlines the SISV brand, its marketing foundation, and the role of promotional platforms moving forward. Key audiences and their decision-making processes are informed by previous market research, outlining the best platforms for customer conversion.

Monthly marketing plans identify opportunities to capitalise on promotions and occasions – including holidays, sales and community events. Specifying audiences and directives, all deliverables fulfil key pillars chosen in the strategy phase.

Video and Photography

Promoting a broad range of independent retailers, digital content spans food, travel, beauty and fashion. Differentiating SISV from competitors by focusing on people over products, video and photography strive to capture the genuine spirit of the centre.


Social content brings retailers to the fore, emphasising local love through personal anecdotes and interesting facts. Though individual stores appeal to different markets, all outputs – posts, Instagram stories and blogs – refer back to St Ives Shopping Village as a whole, cementing a cohesive narrative for the centre.

I just wanted to pass on to you how amazing the team is. Always so professional and personal (and accommodating!) to our needs. They really do a great job. We are getting some good results, which is great. Thanks so much for everything.

Melanie Scarf
Marketing Manager, St Ives Shopping Village

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