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Oticon Medical believes the world of sound is magical.

So, it strives to create hearing solutions that allow every individual to experience this magic. With innovative bone anchored hearing systems and cochlear implant solutions, the company helps those who experience hearing loss to enjoy a fundamental part of daily life.

Oticon Medical’s innovative hearing solutions touch the lives of thousands of patients every day. However, effectively communicating the true impact on users and their families has its challenges.

How can emotional experiences with hearing be accurately communicated?

To launch the award-winning Neuro 2 sound processor into the Australian and New Zealand markets, Oticon Medical held an event involving patients switching on their new devices for the first time. Attended by clinicians, patients and their families, the moving encounter was captured in its entirety through professional product videography – enabling authentic reactions to be documented in real time.

In addition to videography, professional images were captured for use across many channels. The resulting album contains personalised photography of users enjoying their new devices in their daily lives. Settings include local parks, riversides, beaches and even patients’ own homes.

Photography is warm, genuine and sentimental – a true showcase of the special relationship between Oticon Medical, clinicians, patients and their families.

This was my first time doing a camera shoot with customers and patients involved. You did a fabulous job going about your business in a very professional, efficient, friendly way – working as unobtrusively as possible to get the best out of all the people involved, which was so appreciated. I can’t to see what else lies in store for us.

Tracey King
Sales Manager ANZ, Oticon Medica
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