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Paving the way for Australia’s renewable energy, the Australian Ocean Energy Group (AOEG) is an industry-led cluster.

Facilitating collaboration amongst the nation’s tidal energy sectors, the group employs Being Agency, their nominated digital communication agency, to raise awareness, encourage partnership and increase membership.

Fulfilling initiatives outlined in the AOEG’s collaborative business plan, services are to satisfy objectives of increasing communications within the Australian ocean energy industry.

Our primary goal? Engage varied demographics with the same material.


To broadcast the organisation’s tireless efforts in improving national energy, we created an inspiring, educational, promotional video.

Premiering at the World Energy Conference in Perth, the video had to address and motivate a varied audience of university students, government agencies and the general public.


To form an initial understanding of the ocean energy sector and its key objectives, we hosted a creative workshop with key representatives. Informing key personnel and projects to be highlighted in the promotional video, the workshop also shed greater light on the AEOG’s objectives, shaping a basic narrative structure ahead of production.

Relying heavily on the energy industry and community to form the bulk of story, footage was shot on location around Australia, with specific emphasis on projects in Sydney and Melbourne.

The finished video showcases the power of Australia’s vast natural resources with stirring results, sharing exciting insights into the industry’s growth. Combining diverse voices with sweeping ocean footage, tone is powerful, educational and uplifting.


Promoting features, research, activities, stakeholders, events and jobs, ongoing newsletters, article copywriting and social media content broadcast topical updates in the national ocean energy industry.

Educating readers on the importance of cluster structures in inciting significant change, modules centre on the diverse contributions of AOEG members — encouraging subscribers to think of their own influence in relation to the group

PowerPoint template design integrates elements from our rebrand for the cluster, engaging curved lines to emulate the ripple effect. Adopting a soothing colour palette inspired by corals of the sea, the document can be tailored to suit any purpose, while remaining entirely on-brand.

As stated before, the video is OUTSTANDING! Team BEING did an excellent job with not only the flow and visuals, but the story as well. It is spot-on and industry members have been effusive in their praise, stating it’s exactly what our industry needs. Many thanks again for your great work. Everything looks great!

Stephanie Thornton
Honorary Secretary, Australian Ocean Energy Group

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