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With a history spanning more than a century, Oticon Medical is a leader in cochlear implants and bone conduction hearing solutions.

Providing life-changing devices for adults and children, the company strives to help people overcome hearing loss at work, school and in social situations.

Hosting a strategic marketing workshop to clarify Oticon Medical’s Australian and New Zealand communications, we brought together key stakeholders across the organisation to identify issues and opportunities.

The main goal? To improve Oticon Medical’s profile in the local market.

Identifying context, competitors and core target audiences, strategic discussion followed the framework of the BEING Connection Strategy Model. Assessing the need to capture interest, manage expectations and retain loyalty, we then segmented market groups by decision-making trends – determining the best communications tools to engage with.

Analysing Oticon Medical’s presence in the AU and NZ markets, perception was divided into authentic and assumed ideas. This process helped highlight key messaging to emphasise and false perceptions to overcome, which was then translated to a strategic report and 12-month marketing plan.

To further aid Oticon Medical in improving awareness, building strong and enduring relationships, and optimising the positive impacts of new products, we provided both communications and video services informed by the outcomes of the report and plan.

It is a pleasure to work with you. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen so much drive and commitment. I just love working with everybody at Being Agency. You make my busy days joyful. Thank you.

Tracey King
Marketing Manager ANZ, Oticon Medical
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