Open Space and Parklands

Project Overview

Open Space and Parklands, a new office to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E), identified an inherent challenge with its green language and positioning strategy; it was neither consistent, nor community-oriented.

With a desire to include and excite as many NSW citizens as possible, revised language and positioning required incorporation of the office’s warmth, progression and vision.

But how friendly is too friendly for government language?

Facilitating a brand language workshop to aid Open Space and Parklands’ positioning strategy, we led an in-depth workshop at the DP&E with a variety of representatives and stakeholders – including finance agents, the media team and the Commissioner.

Framing our discussion with three main questions, we asked what was wrong with the language, what staff members believed the Department actually did, and what emotional significance parklands had to the group.

Translating identified key themes across each role, we then developed engaging, emotive language to capture Open Space and Parklands’ expressed desire for community connectivity and activation.

Brand language guidelines – including a pitch and summary – outline the office’s mission in clear terms, emphasising freedom, accessibility, measurable benefits and jurisdictions. The recommended glossary unpacks technical jargon in a straightforward manner, honing the team’s usage of industry terminology.

Incorporating the office’s desire for greater clarity, strategic brand language guidelines serve to reject negative connotations and improve community understanding.

As a follow on to this work we conducted an in-depth, comprehensive strategy process for Open Space and Parklands, clearly defining its positioning strategy, its key objectives, programmes and its optimal structure for implementing its ambitious agenda.

Thank you for always being great to work with, producing incredible content, and being able to read my mind with my very loose briefs!

Kitty Danger
Former Communication Advisor, Open Space and Parklands

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