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The Independent Planning Commission NSW (IPCN) builds community confidence in statewide decision-making processes.

Formerly known as the Planning Assessment Commission, we aided the IPCN’s transitional business strategy with a considered rebrand and rollout.


  • Rebrand
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Collateral
  • Website Design and Build
  • Communications Strategy
  • Community Management Plan
  • Community Management Training

Motivated by a set media release deadline, the Commission’s new identity, collateral and website required efficient design and development. Encouraging community members to interact freely with the IPCN, the brand could neither place too friendly an emphasis on tone, nor incorporate any sort of human imagery.

Is it possible to make an impact while remaining completely impartial?

Stressing the importance of a brand that demonstrated no stakeholder bias, the Commission sought a striking identity that would also remain neutral. Versatile design components combine abstract imagery, materials and textures with a unique, earthy palette to soften and modernise the brand’s look and feel. Assessing images for environmental or structural criteria during selection, a duotone treatment draws attention to text. Though professional in essence, this mixture gives the identity an interesting, original edge over other government departments.

To deliver all outcomes in time for a scheduled media release, the Commission’s initial website update necessitated careful planning. Running frequent Sitecore changes through the IPCN’s digital team and the overarching Department of Planning and Environment, internal web developers and designers collaborated to achieve set deadlines, goals and objectives.

Phase one of the website redesign reprioritised the Commission’s hierarchy of information, improving accessibility and user experience for a wide range of visitors. In addition to incorporating new functionality into the site’s back end, phase two converted project and news updates to a more dynamic layout, while placing increased focus on the Commission’s members and social handles – fulfilling their identified aim of improving community trust.

Following website development, we crafted a bespoke social media strategy design to promote greater community participation early in the planning assessment process. To connect with target audiences on social channels, this strategy focused on engaging followers with content they valued.

After detailed research and analysis, we determined the Commission’s primary demographics valued opportunity, immediacy, truth, security and privacy. Our strategy was then structured into three key pillars of expertise, engagement and independence, with plans to educate fans, facilitate conversation and uphold the IPCN’s reputation extended under these categories.

I’m just reflecting on the creative work of your team and wanted to say that you all really did a famous job of the presentation in all of the various iterations we went through. Also, the monumental effort to roll it out in such a short timeframe is a credit to your company. Thank you so much for your collective efforts this past couple of weeks.

David McNamara
Director: Key Sites Assessments, Department of Planning and Environment
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