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Everyone Can Play presents a new directive for inclusive playspaces across NSW.

To develop community and council interest, reflect a clear sense of play, and incite positive change, brand identity design was developed for longevity.

In developing a best-practice Guideline towards inclusive play in NSW, Open Space and Parklands realised one very important thing.

Play is fun. Everyone Can Play should be fun too.

Identity design is heavily inspired by playspaces themselves. Colours, type, imagery and overall look and feel were to be as inclusive as possible, while incorporating a sense of positivity and joy.

Collating the input of 75 advocacy and advisory stakeholders, accessibility was a key priority in the development of brand identity design.

Abstract patterns adapt the organic and geometric shapes seen in a playground’s aerial view, with one key shape paying homage to the Department of Planning and Environment’s hard work and branding. The overall pattern signifies the many moving parts in the discussion around inclusivity, while serving as a modular device to house content.

Drawing warmth from playspace equipment, NSW landscapes and Indigenous shades of ochre, a pastel palette serves as a vibrant visual tool – moving away from traditional department conventions.

Driven by real issues and stories, imagery of people plays an important role in the overall identity. Balancing focus between children, adults, the disabled and the elderly, photography ensures the document’s true purpose is served, showcasing the real and diverse faces of NSW playspaces. Brightly lit, natural shots aid in storytelling, compelling the viewer to champion change.

Positively received by advisory and advocacy stakeholders, identity design struck the right note with end users of playspaces, decision-makers and government members alike. Rare for a government project, the first-round design concept went unchanged from initial ideation to final execution.

It has been a pleasure working with you all over the past few months. I have enjoyed your creative solutions to problems (of which there have been a few) and dedication to getting the best possible outcomes. I know our projects are in great hands with BEING.

Chantelle Hughes
Communications, Open Space and Parklands
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