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UK-based We Love Merchandise supplies an endless choice of bespoke merchandise to fulfil every need and budget.

Quirky, colourful and customer-first, they disrupt the merchandise industry in a big, bold way.


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Stationery
  • Brand Collateral
  • Illustration
  • Ecommerce Website Design and Build
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UK-based merchandise supply company We Love Merchandise wanted a brand that would stand out – distinguishing them as a clear competitor in an industry with notoriously lacklustre options and slow turnaround.

Aiming to challenge this perception and establish them in a saturated market, branding needed to be bold, bright and disruptive.

Mirroring the company’s diverse range of bespoke merchandise, brand design is outrageously bright and memorable. Breaking away from corporate norms, the identity aims to elevate the perception of the merchandise industry while exciting potential clients.

The strong, simple wordmark is casual and versatile, emulating the application of stickers with its rounded shape. Colour and pattern combinations can be rolled out across varied categories and collateral, providing an infinite number of mix and match options.

Interchanging products, feelings and items into the company’s title, a dynamic and conversational brand personality treats customers as friends. Bespoke illustrations speak to the company’s range while contributing to the playfulness of the brand. Reflecting the down to earth attitude of the team behind the business, the identity exemplifies the saying what you see is what you get: excellent service, extravagant ideas and a whole lot of fun.

Ecommerce website design and build is easily navigable, exceptionally vibrant, and oh so lovely. Simple user experience echoes the company’s on and offline philosophy – describe your heart’s desire, and they’ll make it happen.

Language pushes the identity further with cute lyrical rhymes, further flaunting the brand’s one-of-a-kind tone of voice and unique approach to merchandise solutions. Being Agency maintains an ongoing partnership with We Love Merchandise, strategising socials and designing marketing collateral.

BEING is an incredibly imaginative and responsive agency. Friendly, professional and innovative – a true creative partner.

Nicolas Manuel
Managing Director, We Love Merchandise
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