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Home to fine quality teas, The Tea Centre believes in ethical sourcing and premium blends.

In anticipation of the retail chain’s major rebrand, we took hold of their comprehensive brand marketing strategy.


  • Consultation
  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Campaign Creation
  • Campaign Rollout
  • In-Store Collateral
  • Brand Collateral
  • Press Partnerships
  • Photography
  • Styling
  • Website Design and Refresh
  • Mobile App Design and Build

With competitors like T2 monopolising a fun, quirky approach to tea, The Tea Centre chose to adopt an upmarket identity. Our goal was to develop a brand marketing strategy that shifted with the evolving brand, while increasing consumer engagement and sales.

How do you convince customers your brand has changed for the better?

As key sales tools for The Tea Centre, both website the website redesign and app development reflect the brand’s European origins through minimalism and simple navigation. Hero banners serve as a functional, promotional tool, while injecting bright imagery into a sleek design. Enabling the company to fully utilise digital platforms in driving online sales, website and app functionalities improve the overall shopping experience for users.

Following The Tea Centre’s new unveiling, BEING played a pivotal role in defining a more elegant tone of voice, while ensuring an upmarket identity was reflected across all communications.

Developing and designing content and campaigns for social media, digital newsletters and printed collateral, we collaborated on seasonal campaigns from conception to creation, managing strategy, branding of individual identities, creation of digital content, photography and styling, press partnerships and community management.

Due to the scope of The Tea Centre’s monthly output, development of all communications entailed frequent client collaboration. Collating ongoing input from stakeholders, consumers and our creative team, brand marketing materials charted a constant evolution of ideas and promotions.

Thank you for being so flexible and responsive in your service. No matter what you do, it always looks great.

Chad Braithwaite
CEO, The Tea Centre
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