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With an app that has changed the face of Australian rugby forever, StatEdge develops innovative digital solutions for prominent sporting organisations.

Requiring an update to the company’s initial modest branding, the new identity reflects expert capabilities and pioneering solutions.


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Sporting brands are often peas of the same pod. With endless field-inspired imagery to compete with, StatEdge needed the guidance of rebranding specialists to amalgamate both sports knowledge and technological expertise.

Can branding stand out while speaking to both sporting and technology worlds?

Inspired by symbolism historically associated with both the sporting and technology worlds, new brand fonts, visual language, colours and layouts were chosen with meticulous consideration. The seamless fusion of the two essential identity-drivers – distinguished by coding font, hand-drawn game plays and a prominent shield logo – marries the elements throughout the new brand’s look and feel.

The rebrand – including a new logo, brand colours and fonts – rolls out across an entire collateral suite. The wordmark features a playful angle that informs the broader visual language of the brand, implying excitement and direction – much like in a sporting game. The shield icon, a symbol notoriously associated with championships, accompanies this bold font.

PowerPoint template design integrates elements from the overall rebrand look and feel, with customisable sections to deliver truly tailored experiences for StatEdge’s diverse range of sporting body clients. Highlighting innovation and knowledge through carefully considered design, a suite of ultra-professional communications emphasises the company’s fresh approach to tech in the sporting world.

We went to BEING with no idea how we wanted the rebrand to look. StatEdge basically had no existing collateral, brand identity or brief to share with the team. BEING built our new brand from the ground up. It couldn’t have looked better or been more efficient, and the feedback from our clients has been really positive. All of us here absolutely love what they’ve done.

Ben Trevisiol
General Manager, StatEdge
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