The Tea Centre

Project Overview

Home to fine quality teas, The Tea Centre believes in ethical sourcing and premium blends. In anticipation of the retail chain’s major rebrand, we took hold of their comprehensive brand marketing strategy.

Requiring consultation, ideation and creation of creative campaigns and communications, The Tea Centre sought the assistance of a reliable brand marketing agency. Challenging a market of bright, bubbly tea competitors, the company’s new identity had to differentiate itself.

But if you can’t be quirky, what should you be?

Developing and designing content and promotions for social media, digital newsletters and printed collateral, we collaborated on seasonal campaigns from concept to creation – managing strategy, branding of individual identities, creation of digital content, photography and styling, press partnerships, community management, and design, print and distribution of in-store collateral.

Featuring a rich selection of teas from across the globe, premium design elevated digital and printed materials. From colourful summer fruit tea campaigns, to floral spring herbal campaigns, to warming winter chai campaigns, all promotions centred on seasonal blends, enticing consumers with the climate.

Introducing limited in-store flavours to encourage physical visits, a unique hashtag to stimulate user-generated content – #TeaCentred – and a stronger push on gifting for events like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas, all content and campaigns were strategised to increase consumer engagement and sales.

Press partnerships and promotional giveaways boosted community engagement, with an average of 72 entries per post during The Tea Centre’s 12 Days of Christmas campaign. Over eight months of community management and strategic brand marketing, The Tea Centre’s social follower base grew by 22%.

Thank you for being so flexible and responsive in your service. No matter what you do, it always looks great.

Chad Braithwaite
Former CEO, The Tea Centre

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