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South West Thrive

Project Overview

Magazine design for South West Thrive offers readers an engaging snapshot of South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) – circulating the latest news, articles and innovation.

As an original publication for the SWSLHD, design for South West Thrive was to establish the district as a health industry leader, while providing a striking, adaptable format for ongoing volumes.

How do you unit these provisions in a cohesive, visual style?

Strict, professional requirements of government brand guidelines encouraged us to approach magazine design in an innovative way – shaping a consistent, visual identity that is both editorial and brand-compliant.

Crafting an approachable look for the publication’s diverse reader base, design is friendly, stylised and simple to navigate. Rolled out on a quarterly basis, magazine schemes comply with the client’s seasonal colour choice, establishing distinction between editions and demonstrating infinite flexibility.

Clear design aids unambiguous communication. Like a website, navigability is enhanced by careful consideration of design elements and layout. Print media is no different.

Incorporating full-page images of the devoted medical staff, inspiring patients and local community members involved in SWSLHD news and activities, design elements serve to depict a genuine passion for quality care.

Everything looks wonderful! Thank you for all your hard work on each project.

Kags Garrard
Partnerships and Fundraising Manager: Clinical Innovation and Business Unit, SWSLHD