Oticon Medical

Project Overview

Oticon Medical believes the world of sound is magical. So, it strives to create hearing solutions that allow every individual to experience this magic. With innovative bone anchored hearing systems and cochlear implant solutions, the company helps those who experience hearing loss to enjoy a fundamental part of daily life.

With two new hearing solutions launching in immediate succession, Oticon Medical had a sudden and high volume of marketing and collateral demands. From price lists, order forms and catalogues, to press, EDM marketing and social media, the company required diverse, end-to-end creative support.

So Being Agency stepped in to help meet the demand.

Launching two new sound processors – the Neuro 2 and the Ponto 4 – into the Australian and New Zealand markets, Oticon Medical required comprehensive marketing support and collateral creation. With three target markets, including hearing industry medical professionals, patient users and the general public, the communications strategy had to be highly considered and adaptable. To complement existing product collateral, bellyband copy and design complies with Oticon Medical’s specific style guide requirements. Bespoke iconography highlights key product features at a glance, with a one-page mailout accompanying the collateral suite.

The language used to communicate product information and research findings to hearing care specialists is sophisticated and technical. EDM marketing communications speak directly to this audience, shaping a high volume of jargon-heavy information into a digestible yet professional format. In communicating the same information to the general public, language is more accessible and human-centric. Direct quotations from a patient user – who detailed her incredible experience attending a classical music performance – enables audiences to connect emotionally with the patient’s experience, and therefore the products and company.

To further generate public knowledge of the products, press releases were developed for both Australian and New Zealand media outlets. This resulted in a radio interview with one of Oticon Medical’s clinical specialists, who freely broadcasted in-depth information in an on-air interview for 3WBC radio station in Melbourne. Social posts were also created to specifically target Australian audiences, with chosen imagery and tone decidedly Aussie – deviating from the European-centric communications typically produced in their Denmark headquarters. All communications underwent rigorous legal compliance checks, to bring copy in line with strict Australian and New Zealand industry regulations.

Additional support included price list and order form updates. Codes and prices have been meticulously amended to include new products and accessories in AUD and NZD, with order forms designed as interactive PDFs, including pre-fill dropdown tabs for product and quantity selection.

It is a pleasure to work with you. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen so much drive and commitment. I just love working with everybody at Being Agency. You make my busy days joyful. Thank you.

Tracey King
Sales Manager ANZ, Oticon Medical

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