Open Space and Parklands

Project Overview

Seeking brand support services and event merchandise for an upcoming Parks and Leisure Association (PLA) Conference, BEING developed communications with a common focus on care for green spaces.

As a new office to the NSW government, Open Space and Parklands was eager to present a friendly, unified image to local council members present at the conference.

Design had to do two conflicting things:

1) Represent the office’s individuality. 2) Remain compliant with government guidelines.

Observing detailed visual guidelines, design highlights the developed conference slogan in its graphic identity – showcasing the office’s focus on developing greener public places through a refreshing palette.

A range of branded event merchandise, including keep cups, tote bags and stress balls integrate brand and tonal guidelines – balancing friendliness and professionalism.

Creating collateral concurrent to event merchandise, design blends existing communications and warm, people-focused imagery into new content. A stall space and basic acquisition microsite also reiterate the office’s responsive brand presence through a fresh, inviting look and feel.

Using merchandising is an ideal way to communicate brand identity and promote instant recognition with audiences.

Thank you for always being great to work with, producing incredible content, and being able to read my mind with my very loose briefs!

Kitty Danger
Former Communication Advisor, Open Space and Parklands

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