AMP Capital

Project Overview

AMP Capital’s Northbridge Plaza strives to provide a welcoming and intimate retail experience. Seeking to promote a fun and festive holiday experience for adults and children alike, we provided support with the centre’s annual Christmas campaign.

With brand guidelines firmly in place, it was essential the 2019 Christmas campaign comply with the established identity.

How do you create something new, yet recognisable?

Focusing on the notion of giving and its close link with the peak retail season, Christmas campaign naming – Give a Little Love – ties into the human side of the holiday. Evoking warm feelings, the slogan reminds shoppers their purchases are more than transactional; they’re emotive.

Employing the centre’s trademark colours of coral, white and gold, the campaign logo features customised letterforms and a hand-scripted typeface – reading as an upmarket letter to Santa. Collateral allows imagery to speak for itself, communicating the Plaza’s diverse fashion and culinary offering.

An interactive online gift guide takes the stress out of shopping, showcasing easy options across a variety of categories. (For her, for him, stocking fillers, luxury gifts.) Product photography and styling is clean, crisp and sleek, allowing shoppers to compile the perfect list of things to love.

An agency to love! Innovative, collaborative and customer-centric. Our partnership with Being Agency has been an absolute pleasure and the creative content has been superb. We feel they produce such great creative because they clearly love what they do. Their highly collaborative process has cemented an understanding of our business, brand, environment and where we want to take it. They are a team of highly talented individuals and are completely dedicated to producing the very best results. They genuinely feel like an extension of our team.

Sandra Stern
Marketing Manager, AMP Capital

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