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Mr Voss transports consumers to a parallel world through sensory experience.

Blending elegant design with quirky characters, we created a luxury brand experience for this fine fragrance line.

According to National Candle Association research, 90% of all candles are purchased by women.

Can we buck that trend by designing candles with a unisex appeal?

In anticipation of press and retail attention, Simone Voss Luxury Fragrances expressed a clear interest in creating an opulent brand experience for her candle line. Moved by the processes of traditional European candle makers, identity and personality were to be elaborate, inspiring and elegant.

Drawing inspiration from Victorian typography, Mr Voss brings the lush world of fragrance to life through decadence. Mixing traditional illustration with modern elements, brand design boasts a uniquely curious look and feel.

Experimenting with context and scale, artistic illustrations entice the consumer into a surreal universe trapped in the 19th century. Depicting male-oriented design without pandering to men or alienating female buyers, illustrative elements can be adapted across multiple applications and fragrances.

Featuring names and narratives distinct to scent properties, copywriting conveys the complex personalities of people – allowing customers to identify themselves in individual candles. Balancing one another in an expressive series, imaginative narratives translate the sublime possibilities of fine fragrance into an experiential form.

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