The Howling Moon

Project Overview

Home to delicious drinks and a breathtaking view, The Howling Moon pushes boundaries to offer customers something a little different. An experience like no other, the bar’s branding had to be as unique as the venue itself.

If you own a bar, you want people to recognise it as the place to go for a good time.

You’ve just got to make people recognise your brand first.

Delivering a complete brand identity and personality for The Howling Moon, the first rooftop bar of its kind in Canberra, we crafted a brand experience that always looks and feels incredible. Two-part logo design adds a unique layer to the brand, splitting focus between the wordmark and the wolf icon – an easily recognisable shorthand.

A distinct typeface strengthens brand impressions through eye-catching uppercase and a striking, bold weight. Suitable for both print and digital applications, the brand palette is warm, vibrant and trendy, with an overall look that’s upbeat and bright.

Presenting a slice of the good life, imagery captures snapshots of people enjoying themselves and celebrating with friends over food and drinks. Preference is for images that are naturally lit, showing summer scenes to replicate that never-ending party feeling. Images are treated with a warm, natural glow.

Secondary visual language includes support materials to create multi-layered brand design. A bold brand pattern – comprised of the core wolf brand element – brings dynamism to the fore, enhancing collateral where suited. Fun vector graphics play an integral role in brand language and the promotion of seasonal events, enabling highly creative, recognisable and engaging visual language.

Brand voice is assertive, if not brash. Seemingly wild, but incredibly considered, tone makes followers, fans and guests feel welcome through focus on inclusivity. Mischievous and smart, tone is edgy, but never insensitive, offensive or harsh. Pledging to be inventive, take good care of patrons and keep things interesting, the bar positions itself as a trendsetter – and proud of it.

The team at BEING have consistently displayed professionalism, creativity and flexibility under pressure. They have raised the profiles of our bars across a range of touchpoints, while providing us with the guidelines to create on-brand communications.

Jackie Gregory
General Manager, Canberra Rex Hotel

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