Project Overview

Quiip is a friendly, sociable company setting trends in the community management industry. Minimising risk and maximising engagement for a variety of organisations and charities, brand design evolved to reflect a more modern approach.

Quiip is an approachable, professional and trustworthy brand, but it’s not one to be confused with stuffy suits or social media gurus.

Can you create a brand that’s both corporate and cool?

After identifying trends in the results of a comprehensive user research survey, we realised a few things. People actually liked Quiip’s logo and colours; they just wanted to see them executed in a neater way. And if it’s only a little broke, fix it.

Quiip’s signature ‘hand-scripted’ logo redesign presents a cleaner version of the original brand. Incorporating an iconic teal palette, the shade can be used alongside a stark, complementary scheme of black, white and grey.

Image is everything to Quiip, so it’s important to choose the right ones. The brand says yes to real women in non-conventional working environments, and no to staged stock imagery of men in suits mansplaining.

As a trusted and respectable brand, the Quiip voice is engaging and accessible, but never too casual. When talking about itself, tone is extremely inclusive – speaking directly to the reader. Open, agile and ready to answer questions, there’s room for a little wordplay, as long as the puns don’t end the conversation.

Working with BEING has been a fab experience. Not only did we receive a wonderful rebrand, we found a great partner in BEING and we know we have them in our corner to create more magic for us. They’re a skilled and lovely team who’ve delivered great results, with friendly and timely communication to match.

Alison Michalk
CEO, Quiip

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