Madeline Music

Project Overview

Madeline Music helps children through the highs and lows of singing. With singing parties, one-on-one coaching and the opportunity to perform at concerts and shows, Madeline Music is the perfect place to build confidence and have fun.

Fun, colourful music teacher Madeline Acosta tasked Being Agency to build a brand reflective of her style. Her unique flair and joyful teaching style deserved a brand identity to match.

Can a quirky music school identity design appeal to kids, teens and parents?



Brand colours and typography for Madeline Music music school identity design. Pastel green, yellow, pink and blue.

Print and digital collateral continue the pastel theme, pairing colour bursts with dynamic type. Embracing the fluid curvature of Madeline’s visual language, assets accent imagery through warped borders, thereby incorporating students into design. Clean, accessible and easy to navigate, website design ensures finding and booking a singing lesson is simple.

Madeline Music business cards and flyer design for music school identity design.

Living in Melbourne, I was unsure how I was going to work with BEING. However, they have exceeded all of my expectations! They have created a brand for my business that represents me and everything I do.


Madeline Acosta
Founder, Madeline Music

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