Independent Planning Commission NSW

Project Overview

The Independent Planning Commission NSW (IPCN) is a consent authority for state significant developments. Seeking to increase community engagement during the early planning assessment stages, the Commission sought assistance during a major rebranding process.

The IPCN regularly determines the fate of state significant developments. Though serving the best interests of NSW, their objectivity is sometimes misinterpreted.

Can a rebrand improve community trust in an independent government agency?

Delivering the Commission’s new identity required efficient project management under a client-set timeframe. Though seeking to increase community engagement, brand design and tone of voice had to strike a fine balance between friendliness and impartiality.

Versatile design components combine varied imagery, materials and textures with a unique, earthy palette to soften and modernise the brand’s look and feel. Though professional in essence, this mixture gives the identity an interesting, original edge over other government departments.

Proposing a three-tone palette to suit both printed and digital applications, orange and yellow tones ensure consistency is maintained across all brand components. This palette enables a suite of hues for multiple applications, including image treatment, heading distinction and collateral rollout.

IPCN imagery is abstract and dynamic – contributing to differential and eye-catching collateral. Vetting images for environmental or structural criteria during selection, a duotone treatment draws explicit attention to overlaid text.

The IPCN speaks to everyone in the state, so voice is always simple, clear and approachable. For them, there is no conversation that cannot be broken down in basic terms. Everyone is encouraged to share their opinion, because to the Commission, every opinion matters.

Bringing inclusive language into the IPCN’s tone, words like you, your, ours, us and we bridge a gap between the public and the government. Messaging – whatever the case, and whoever the recipient – is always made obvious. By keeping things simple, the IPCN can get to the heart of the matter faster, while promoting an image of inclusion, listening, caring and sharing.

I’m just reflecting on the creative work of your team, and wanted to say that you all really did a famous job of the presentation in all of the various iterations we went through. Also, the monumental effort to roll it out in such a short timeframe is a credit to your company. Thank you so much for your collective efforts this past couple of weeks.

David McNamara
Director: Key Sites Assessments, Department of Planning and Environment

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