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The Village Florist

The Brief

The Village Florist is our local for flowers; a fun, friendly team of floral artists that always put a personal touch on arrangements. There are many photographers in Sydney, but finding the right one makes all the difference when it comes to a rebrand.

A few years ago, changeover of management left the new business pressed for a brand. To gain immediate exposure, an identity and website were hastily developed – though the owner never felt they fully conveyed the youthful energy driving the company.

Wanting to attract a younger demographic while maintaining their existing client base, The Village Florist decided it was an opportune time to rebrand. Entrusting the brand to Being (the florist’s faithful regulars), we were tasked to create a playful and striking identity – one that genuinely reflected the staff.

The Process

Marketing Collateral

Launching the brand’s new identity with marketing collateral and signage, we aimed to create an irresistibly eye-catching brand.

Injecting the personality with a little light-humour, punny, punchy signage copy plays cutely on flowers. Dark, textured backgrounds and thick white type emphasise key phrases, drawing attention of foot traffic. To utilise location as a marketing tool, messages deliberately flatter locals.

Boasting a bold peninsula map and clear trading hours, promotional flyers also advertise convenience of site. Keeping consistent with sandwich board tone, copy is cute, short and funny. Image choice echoes the trademark rustic elegance of The Village Florist’s arrangements, complementing their charming storefront.

Sandwich board design and copy for The Village Florist

Flyer design and copy for The Village Florist

Identity Design

Born from the necessity of developing an identity quickly, The Village Florist’s original logo wasn’t totally aligned with the shop’s youth. When the owner found time to finally make them match, we were given free reign to liven it a little.

The Village Florist logo: original (l) and rebranded (r)

The monochrome palette is offset by rich, forest green – a prevalent shade in the owner’s floral selections. Block type overlays nicely on images; it enhances the picture without stealing focus.

This consistent type structure offers the logo an iconic visual identifier across future collateral. Informing copy and design even ahead of creation, the new logo serves as a useful brand guide.

Photoshoot and Styling – Being’s Photographers Sydney

The Village Florist didn’t have to look far for photographers in Sydney. With a clear identity confirmed for brand rollout, aligning the floristry’s shoot and styling with its new personality was crucial – and fun! Mixing professional styling with creative product display, our shoot was both quirky and cohesive.

The desired bridal theme offered the opportunity to advertise The Village Florist’s wedding packages – a service they specialise in – and also allowed us to photograph the bouquets in uniquely intimate ways.

photographers Sydney
Photography and styling for The Village Florist

Final images showcase arrangements beautifully, communicating a warmth that was previously absent. Styling and photography create a personal look and feel for the viewer; it is easy to imagine stepping into the inviting world of The Village Florist.


Motivated by the desire to increase sales and to simplify the overall order process for both involved parties, the owner requested a push on purchasing – making ordering explicit from the outset. To do so, we simplified ecommerce with clear product images and refined all instructional copy.

photographers Sydney
Order options for The Village Florist

Accessible maps and images of renowned local icons enforce The Village Florist’s genuine love of the area, contributing to the generation of greater local sales.

Store map for The Village Florist

Dedicated to sourcing only the best flowers; quality of site had to match quality of service. Endearing calls to action link to the established voice, mimicking the friendly personality of the owner. Brief – but personal – bios highlight playful character, amiably introducing the user to the people behind the brand.

Floral puns for The Village Florist

Personal bios for The Village Florist

With an emphasis on simplicity, our clean, engaging rebuild offers visitors the seamless user experience The Village Florist had hoped for. Delicate, rustic and modern, the site reflects the unique aesthetic and reputation the floristry has come to represent.

The Village Florist website homepage: original (l) and rebranded (r)

The Result

Helping out local businesses (especially ones we know so well) is a particular pleasure of ours, and something we’re always grateful to do. We only need to take one look at that smile to know it’s all been worth it. If you’re a lovely local or even from out of town, we’d love to support your marketing needs.

Browse the beautiful Village Florist for yourself at: www.villageflorist.com.au.

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