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A Colourful Campaign

The Tea Centre – The Idea

Tea isn’t typically perceived as a beverage you drink cold, but summer provided the perfect opportunity to showcase The Tea Centre’s range of iced teas. With a special fruit infusions collection and four exclusive Tea Teasers to feature, theming needed to be bright, colourful and most importantly, appetising. Tastes of Summer brought the beautiful, light flavours associated with summer to life, teasing the taste buds of new and current customers and positioning The Tea Centre as the best source for refreshing, summery teas.

Bright, eye-catching splashes of colour and delicious, fresh fruit combine in Tastes of Summer. Tea Teasers are uniquely photographed using flat lays, with the stunning ingredients arranged to surround the tea leaves. Fruit laden jugs are visualised on various different outdoor backdrops to create diversity in the Instagram feed and suggest occasions for sharing the sweet blends. The integration of hands humanises the campaign and further positions iced tea as a social beverage. Overall, the campaign for The Tea Centre is fun, playful and bold –bringing the refreshing flavours to life.

The Language

Language in Tastes of Summer is as colourful and appetising as the imagery itself. Alliteration and mouth-watering flavour profiles spark curiosity about the unique flavours and encourage people to cool down with one of the summery infusions. In-store collateral speaks to the tea’s ingredients, encouraging people to sample while they shop. From icy poles to cocktails, delicious recipes integrate the teas and give customers plenty of suggestions to enhance their next summer gathering.

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