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Why We Love National Pet Adoption Day

Getting a new pet is arguably the best thing that can happen in the world – ever. We know how exciting buying toys, bedding and cute little outfits to dress them up for the ‘gram can be. If you’re that excited, imagine how your fluffy adoptee feels? Moving from a cement enclosure to their new warm, comfy and love-filled forever home is all they’ve been waiting for their whole life.

We’re big on pet adoption at Being Agency, with many of us proud parents to wonderful (spoilt) fur babies. We believe it’s important to give love where it’s needed most – and who’s more deserving than an adorable pet?

If you’re keen to jump on board National Pet Adoption Day but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve compiled a list of our top pet adoption agencies – because every animal deserves a second chance at love.


1. Catmosphere Cat Café

Catmosphere Cat Café in Surry Hills, NSW, is everything the name promises. Drink coffee, eat cookies, and pat cats and kittens at a truly out of this world cat shelter/café. Their goal is to help rescue groups rehome cats and kittens. And don’t worry – if you live in a no pets rental, you can always just go for the cuddles.



Everyone knows the RSPCA. With shelters right throughout Australia, you can adopt a pet of any kind – from guinea pigs, cats and dogs to rabbits, ferrets and birds, there’s a furry (or feathered) friend to suit your lifestyle, just waiting to be picked up and loved.


3. Paws for Thought

Now this one really tugs at the heart strings. A husband and wife duo started Paws for Thought Rescue to save old dogs from euthanasia (somebody please pass the tissues). They rescue, rehabilitate and rehome small senior companion dogs to live out their final days giving all the love they have left – and then some. Why not give a golden oldie a chance this National Pet Adoption Day?


4. The Lost Dogs Home

Speaking of golden oldies, The Lost Dogs Home heavily advocates for the adoption of (you guessed it) golden oldies. Despite their namesake, they also house a huge range of cats that are just waiting for their perfect pet parent to sweep them off their paws. Young or old, The Lost Dogs Home has a cat or dog to suit any home.


5. Sydney Dogs and Cats Home

The Sydney Dogs and Cats Home is a proud partner of the Getting 2 Zero (G2Z) movement, which aims to achieve zero euthanasia of all healthy and treatable cats and dogs. Support them through adoption, donation, or by buying cool merch – like totes sporting I’m running errands for my cat.


6. Maggie’s Rescue

Based in Sydney, Maggie’s Rescue facilitates the fostering and rehoming of cats and dogs. You can also volunteer with them, helping to spread awareness and secure homes for pets in need. P.S. If you want to see seriously cute pics of cats with names like Slinky and Minx, check out their website.


7. Cat Protection Society

The Cat Protection Society believes every cat deserves a loving and responsible home. They’re a shelter dedicated to educating people on proper cat care and of course, finding forever homes for their cats and kittens.


8. Animal Adoption Agency

The Animal Adoption Agency in Sydney just wants you to adopt one of their loving cats or dogs. Another husband and wife team, this pair dedicate their lives to pairing people with the perfect furry pal. When better to change a life than on National Pet Adoption Day?


9. Animal Welfare League NSW

With the Animal Welfare League NSW, you can help make a difference in the lives of thousands of animals. Adopt, foster, volunteer, donate and take action to help pets and animals throughout NSW live the life of love they deserve.


10. Your local animal holding facility

Don’t forget that most shires and councils have their own animal holding facility. Your local shelter may not have a swanky website or cute pictures of their animals, but they need a forever home just as much as the next pet.


11. Breed Advisor

Before you go making that big decision, refer to an adoption guide to confirm it’s the right choice. Breed Advisor‘s Ultimate Guide to Adopting is incredibly detailed and designed to help you fully understand your commitment. From average costs to preparing for homecoming, this guide takes the guesswork out of adopting by breaking steps into bite-sized chunks.


We know not everybody can have pets in their home. Luckily, there are endless ways you can get involved in the great work done by these (and thousands of other) animal adoption agencies. Whether walking dogs, cat socialising cats, volunteering or making a donation, there’s something for everyone when it comes to helping animals.

If you’ve considered getting involved with an agency like the ones we’ve mentioned, use this National Pet Adoption Day to make the leap. You’ll never regret making the life of a precious pet even a little bit better. We know what it’s like to give a pet a second chance, and we wouldn’t go back.

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