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Here at BEING, we love helping all businesses grow – but it’s extra special when a neighbour comes knocking at your door. We’re your local creative agency Sydney, and we’ve made a few friends we’d like you to meet.


Sarah Begnell
The Village Florist

The Village Florist

Who doesn’t love their local florist? Walking by a magical flower garland is a five-day-a-week delight for everyone here in the BEING office. Sarah Begnell, Hunters Hill’s cherished purveyor of all things pollen and petals, needed some branding and website love – and we were bloomin’ excited to help!

Sarah says business has increased five-fold since the new website went live. Customers are loving the new business cards and promotional video we filmed – one she regularly shares to her socials.

We injected some personality (and plenty of puns) into marketing collateral to showcase Sarah’s fun-loving character. Simple bios acquaint her to new customers, while wonderfully warm video and photography offer a sneak peek into her perpetually pretty world.

A friendship that has flowered over the years made this job a joy to complete. But seeing is believing, so stop and smell the roses yourself at The Village Florist.

We have more lovely things to say about Sarah on our blog. Check it out!


Kerry Maxwell
Speak Free

Speak Free

Kerry teaches everyday communication skills to children and teenagers, as well as those with intellectual disabilities or English as a second language. Teaching speech and drama classes at Loreto Kirribilli and PLC Sydney and adjudication at Ryde Rotary Club, Kerry loves working locally and providing her services to local families.

Kerry believes the freedom to speak confidently should be accessible by everybody – so while she helped beings communicate clearly, BEING helped Kerry convey her service through a new website.

Kerry’s fun and uplifting character, which was incorporated throughout brand collateral, made working with her a dream. Naming, brand identity, collateral, photography and her website came together seamlessly throughout the collaboration process.

We feel we’re free to say we’ve found a friend in Kerry. To let her website do the talking, visit Speak Free.

Take a look at our case study for more details on the work with did with Kerry and Speak Free.


Magdalena Tomasevic
Cabinet of Cookery

Cabinet of Cookery

A beautiful baker with a big heart, Magdalena Tomasevic was in need of product photography and a website as delightful as her delicacies. (And we can’t say we weren’t excited to be surrounded by cupcakes!)

Cabinet of Cookery was born from a true love for good, old-fashioned home cooking. As a mother of six, Magdalena was already planning meals, sourcing ingredients and preparing dishes on a large scale. With her culinary skills perfected and a food blog established, product photography and an Ecommerce website were the next ingredients in her recipe for success.

We’re so happy to have made friends with a woman as magnificent as Magdalena – and not just because she brings us brownies!

If you want to be tempted, take a look at some of Magdalena’s enticing creations on her mouth-watering website Cabinet of Cookery.

We put our favourite snaps on our website – take a look at the folio.


Nathalie Curtet
Compass Architecture

Designing a website for a designer of dwellings could have been more difficult than saying this sentence! Luckily for us, Nathalie Curtet was as pleasant to work with as clients who bring buttercups or brownies.

A lovely local who enjoys regular coffees at the downstairs café, Nathalie needed a website refresh to showcase her harmonious, holistic approach to building design. It was clear to see her passion for architecture and sustainable practice throughout the creative process of building her website – and being able to pop downstairs for a chat and a cup of joe was an added bonus!

We’re glad to have built a friendship as lovely as Nathalie’s designs, and we hope it lasts a lifetime. To take a peek for yourself, visit Compass Architecture.

We put together a little showcase detailing the website build process. Check it out!


Jenna Morrow
Hunters Hill Optical

Hunters Hill Optical

Jenna Morrow spends her days making vision clearer, but she needed some guidance from us to clearly define her market. We crafted a website you can’t take your eyes off, complete with targeted copy and attractive location shots.

Jenna’s passion for all things optical began at age eight after receiving her first, life-changing prescription. Academic struggles were nothing more than an inability to see the words on the page. She knew her calling then and there, and eventually opened Hunters Hill Optical to service the local community for all of their eyewear and eye care needs.

We reflected this passion for her local community through a balanced suite of location photography and collateral design to match the store’s eclectic selection of frames and lenses. It was clear to see we’d made a friend in Jenna.

Take a peek at Hunters Hill Optical for yourself.


These are just some of the locals we love. We reckon supporting local business and making friends along the way is a great way to spend our days, so if you’re searching for a local creative agency Sydney and you’re a lovely local, a city slicker or a bit further off the beaten track, we’d love to support you.

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