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Christmas is the perfect time to showcase the fun side of your brand – and to show a little love to your hardworking team and loyal clients. The classic office Christmas party is a yearly tradition we’re all eager to attend, but there are other ways you can generate excitement leading up to the festive season.

Give your brand a Christmas makeover

A great way to get into the Christmas spirit could be a festive addition to your brand’s look and feel. A Santa hat on your logo, a Christmassy email signature, or decking the walls with decorative decals are just a few ways you can inject some seasonal spirit into your brand.

Secret Santa

An office-wide Secret Santa is the perfect way to show you care without blowing the budget. Set a monetary limit, throw everyone’s name into a hat, and get each person to draw their lucky gift recipient. You can even make a gift guideline, like silly, eco-friendly or op shopped only.

Gifts for clients

There’s no better time than Christmas to show your clients how much you’ve appreciated their business. Gifts don’t have to be pricey – a hand-written card is a nice touch to show them you care.

Purchasing some personalised merchandise or useful gifts in bulk is a great way to save if you have a bunch to buy for.

Christmas specials

Putting on some seasonal specials for your products or services could be a great way to drum up business during the silly season. Service package options, gift wrapping or festive EDMs to communicate your Christmas deals are great ways for your business to see out the year (and see in some extra customers).

Donate to charity

Making a charitable donation to a worthy cause during Christmas is an amazing way to help others. Start a gift drive in the office, get donations for food hampers or take the team to a volunteer event that aims to make Christmas more joyous for the less fortunate.

The office Christmas party

Never to be forgotten, the office Christmas party is a great way to thank your employees and allow them to wind down into the break. There are endless ways you can put on a celebration. From giving the office a festive makeover and hosting drinks and nibbles, to taking them out for a special meal, to doing something active like lawn bowls, there are plenty of fun ways to see out the year.


If you need some Christmas campaign inspiration take a look at some of our favourite culture-building moments. Otherwise, view our services and see how we can make your brand (and clients) holly jolly this festive season.

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