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Being’s Top Six Video Tips 2018

With over 500 million people watching online videos each day, there’s never been a better time to utilise this media. Whether you’re telling a brand story, educating consumers, or sharing content through emails, our top six video tips from the best videographers are designed to help your business create more meaningful video content.

Here’s how.

1. Don’t be late.

Video is happening now. 63% of businesses are engaging video content marketing and 82% of these businesses consider it to be an essential part of their strategy. This means video (and all its possibilities) are progressing very quickly — so start thinking about how you can use it to your advantage before something else takes over.

2. Focus on consumers.

Video is a great way to position your business, product or service as one of choice. Case in point: 90% of users list product videos as helpful when making important decisions. If you want potential customers to imagine themselves engaging with your brand, you have to create video content from their perspective. Ask yourself what they would want, then deliver it.

3. Maximise your space.

You don’t rent a billboard to use only half the space, so why do it with video? Plan ahead of shoot days to ensure filmed content can be cropped, tweaked and maximised for all target platforms. YouTube looks best in a standard 16:9 aspect ratio, Instagram allows you to capitalise on smartphone space with a 4:5 vertical aspect or post a classic 16:9 to IGTV, and Facebook is open to any shape or style.

4. Silence is golden.

Silent films are really making noise. On average, 85% of all Facebook videos are auto-played as users scroll through their feeds, so ensure your visual component is dynamic. If you’ve got to communicate narration, interviews or dialogue, clear, bite-sized subtitles are best.

5. Stories are central.

People have engaged with stories since the beginning of time, and now there’s the 21st century version: Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube stories. Though excellent platforms for brands to interact with consumers on a casual level, it’s still important to plan your stories with the same strategic focus as any other video marketing content.

6. Boost your SEO.

Did you know you’re 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if you’ve got a video embedded on your site? Since Google bought YouTube in 2006, there’s been a substantial increase in how much your videos affect your search engine rank. If you want to be noticed, you’ve got to put your videos out there.

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