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BEING’s 5 Logo Laws

Though shalt not commit bad design.

With the rebrand of our competition winner’s new logo complete (and looking fabulous!), we thought it was a good time to discuss our ‘Logo Laws’.

People Look at Logos

When we upload a new profile picture to any forum – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In – we’re advertising a representation of ourselves to a specific market. Like a profile picture, your logo is your visual representation – the public face for your brand. To make the right kind of impression on your desired audience, make sure your logo is aligned with the things your business stands for.

Get Symbolic

If we put a big tick-shaped ‘swoosh’ in front of you, you’d think of Nike. The golden arches? McDonald’s. We don’t even have to tell you who the apple represents. Symbols make people think of traits you want associated with your company. Become more than a name to them. Become an icon.

Colour Adds Character

We subconsciously relate to colour on an emotional level, so creative use of colour can be a great way to capitalise on your logo. Consider the effect you’d like your business to have on customers – passionate red, reliable blue, joyous yellow, elegant black – and select a shade appropriate to that sentiment.

Funky Font

Is your business currently operating in this millennium? Then comic sans is NOT an appropriate font for your brand. Step away from the childish typeface in favour of something more clear, bold and timeless.

Less is More

Logos are scalable, so they need to be legible at any size – big or small. Crowding your logo with excess content can be negative for business – especially if customers can’t even read your name. Keep the logo simple to keep your market happy.

If you need help adhering to the logo laws, get in touch! Check out some of of the  logos we’ve helped design for our amazing clients.

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