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Being Does London

Emerging Australian Branding , Creative and Communications Agency Takes London by Storm

Alexandra Street, Sydney:

Sydney-based creative, branding and communications agency Being Brands will soon open its doors in London. Officially launching October 1, this expansion marks the company’s first international venture.

Established in September 2015 by Principal Kerry Neethling, BEING blends the collaborative insights, perspectives and approaches of many creative fields – including design, copywriting/communications, videography, strategy and digital media – to deliver incredibly diverse work. The eighteen-strong team supports clients ranging from government (Independent Planning Commission, Open Space and Parklands), to festivals (Vanfest, Anthems), to hospitality (The Howling Moon, Swan & King), to not for profits (Peggy’s Promise, Karitane).

In the words of its founder: “Having the power to impact lives in such a positive way is nothing short of magic. If you’ve got the right partner to grow and nurture your business, anything is possible; everything can be done.”

Crediting the support of its amazing Australian clients in enabling this global expansion, BEING is eager to provide its full-service offering to a new market. Promoting a human-centric vision first and foremost, Being Brands champions the extraordinary things small businesses can achieve with a little help, confidence and love.

About Being Brands:

Being was inspired by its founder’s desire to establish a business that did good by both its staff and clients. The company’s process is founded on the ideology of helping brands achieve their maximum potential. As a collaborative group of creatives, staff are driven by a need to do well, push boundaries and produce exceptional outcomes. Soon, Being Brands services will be available beyond Australian shores in the form of a creative, branding and communications agency in London.

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